Thursday, January 7, 2010

NO does NOT mean YES!

really, peter! sometimes the dog is smarter than you.

we really want to know which delusional dictionary you’ve been looking up, because as per all of our sources ‘no’ happens to be the antonym of ‘yes’.

in fact, we’re increasingly convinced that your dictionary’s been put together by shakti kapoor. you remind us so eerily of him when we say ‘no’ – the way your eyes glitter in anticipation, the way you drool a little and scoot uncomfortably closer, the way you get turned on more and more with every successive ‘no’…it’s pretty amazing actually, the power that ‘no’ seems to have over your libido.

then again, so does ‘yes’.

have you ever wondered why in god’s name we’d say ‘no’ when we mean ‘yes’? why, for example, wouldn’t we say ‘yeah’, or ‘ya’, or ‘yup’, or ‘hmm’, or even ‘yo’ instead? there are so many synonyms of ‘yes’ to play around with after all.

then again, why wouldn’t we say ‘gobbledegook’? it’s much more fun to say than ‘yes’ or ‘no’.

fact is, we simply mean ‘NO’.

get it?


but that’s exactly what we’re saying, you #@!$%!!!

stop deluding yourself, because the one game girls do not need to play is hard to get!

though sometimes we do, just to screw with your head.



This is that said...

yeah Peter..just shoo ! love it..

Anupama said...

Hey you I loving this or the entire Dear Peter idea?...No!...But I say that just to screw with Peter's head :)

These notes will be duly distributed to men about town...keep them coming Mentalie and AGG, there are many who could really use these (but then that's why you came up with it didnt ya :) )