Friday, January 8, 2010

chemicals? don't make me giggle!

You consider yourself so lucky.

In fact you can hardly believe your luck.

That goddess, with dark eyes and even darker hair, she condescends to like you.

You will never get over it.

But dear boy, the dark eyed and even darker haired goddess has a mind that works in a twisted way.

She’s far more devious than your little brain can ever comprehend.

She sized you up way before you even noticed her. Her eyes took in the possibilities. Her mind did the calculation. Her heart told her yours was in the right place.

Then it was easy.

She let you notice her.

She let you notice her again.

She allowed you to feel the full impact of her eyes, her hair, her lips, her laughter, the way she spoke, waved her hands, laughed. Everything.

And you were like the fish that just had to be reeled in. Only the fish never thinks the fisherman is doing him a big favour.

She let you think you were the one who liked her.

And then when you were beside yourself, she pulled the line.

You stood choking and gasping. Wondering how you got so lucky, that this goddess said yes to you.

That you were the lucky one. That you would always be in her debt.

Well, it was all planned for you to fall in love.

Get it?

No, you don’t. You never will.

That’s what’s so nice about you.

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Perakath said...


shouldifollow said...

I so wanna argue that we let you think you made us fall in love with you just so you can say "that's what's so nice about you" :-P Then again I guess i wont.
And oh thanks for the note. The next time i see a woman who lets me notice her again. Ill know i got my work cut out.

Pinku said...

u are letting out all the secrets aren't you...i hope you remember the old story of the cat teaching all the tricks to the tiger.

agent green glass said...

@perakath: its okay, go easy on yourself!

@shouldifollow: next post: never argue with a woman : ) but then you already know that : ) you are welcome.

@pinku: ya, i thought about that. but dear peter should be fair. if peter is going to get advice, i might as well tell him what to watch out for as well! namely...women!