Monday, January 18, 2010

eating chocolate feels like this

gaH! what's it with girls and chocolate? - you groan ever so often - i mean, i like chocolate too! but it's not like a bite of gooey brownie or a mouthful of lindt can make me shudder and moan and achieve spontaneous, multiple orgasms in goddamn public places...!

you poor thing.

truely, what a tragedy that is.

and no wonder you get so hot and bothered too ;-)

but don't you just love to watch us eat chocolate, peter?

mmmM...tell us, do we look like this?

ps: thank you for the inspiration, anupama :)

1 comment:

Anupama said...

You're most welcome Mentalie :) ...and yes, it's a really good video to teach Peter a thing or two about chocolate :)'s about time they knew