Friday, January 15, 2010

chocolate’s addictive, but bootycake is bliss ;-)

see that thing john’s doing?

smartest career move he ever made.

you see, john’s bum is possibly the only thing that’s even more irresistibly delicious than his dimples.

it’s an old trick in the animal kingdom, actually. 

…wha?! HEY! hang on just one minute, peter!

PAY ATTENTION PLEASE: while it pays to flash bootycake IF you have it, it does not pay to blind us with that pair of buttocks!

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This is that said...
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This is that said...

Ahem..ahem ahh men..amen

Supriya said...

agree. there s something just a tad vulgar about this pose! will put it down to general unattractiveness of the male body. surely someone should warn john about the diminishing returns associated with male body exposure!

mentalie said...

just a tad, sup? our mums would never approve! :)