Wednesday, January 13, 2010

sugar and spice, with a kiss like a vice!

tsk tsk tsk, peter…ever heard of the dodo?

while mommy and the movies were bringing you up to be the king of the world and the center of the universe, there were a flock of little girls who decided to grow up to be sharks.

see those pearly whites on that sweetie, peter? all the better to snap you up with!

her rose petal hands you think you might just crush? just wait and watch them clamp on to that diamond thingamajig or that designer whachumacallit.

her gorgeous ass you can’t take your eyes off? decoy!

her 1000000 watt smile that makes you swoon? yep, that’s the idea.

her mesmerizing eyes that can short circuit your brain? e.x.a.c.t.l.y.

she’s such an poochie coochie angel – you might find yourself sighing, all gooey eyed – i want to wrap her up in cotton candy and build her a fluffy wuffy palace on cloud nine and buy her everything she pouts for and be her slavie wavie for the rest of my life…

that’s your cue right there to RUN PETER, THAT’S A MANEATER YOU’RE COOING TO!!!


Anonymous said...


too late. ;)

mentalie said...

ah ki, i must learn at your pretty little feet ;)