Saturday, January 23, 2010

!?! are your legs softer, smoother and silkier than mine !?!

a lot of famous people come to this place that i used to go to before AGG stepped in to revolutionize my hair. so it felt pretty normal that day to get my hair cut sitting between john (to my right) and bipasha (to my left)...until my stylist asked me to look down so she could put in the finishing touches on my new bob-mullet.

i was almost blinded by john’s glowing knees the instant i did. the glaring contrast they presented next to mine made me flinch so hard that i almost lost my mullet.

sit still! john ko pehle kabhi dekha nahin kya!? – my stylist snapped while snipping away at the damage.

at which pint, the corner of my right eye caught the corner of john’s left eye...and he smiled knowingly, almost blinding me with his dimples.

so i went right back to morbidly scrutinizing my own knees instead.

within seconds i had discovered that my knees were a gazillion times grubbier and covered in an apparent forest of stubble. also, that my shorts would not come more than half way down my thighs in the sitting position and couldn’t possibly be pulled all the way down to cover me up to my shin.

at the risk of getting my ears clipped off, i squirmed around in my chair until i faced more towards bipasha instead.

bingo! her knees were fuzzy too! (though unlike mine, they were bleached blonde)

between the three of us, john was clearly the only one who moisturized daily with anne french.

peter, what’s the deal with blokes getting themselves such glossy legs these days? is it that heady feeling of the fresh breeze against your bare skin? is it that you’d like your jeans to slide on and off quicker? is it because you’d like to wear your hot pants to the disco in the evenings? is it so you look slick hanging with the boys at the gym? is it kareena who put you up to it when she said skin is in...!?!


Perakath said...

Who the hell would ever need to moisturize in Bombay?

Perakath said...

Also, are you secretly famous too?

DewdropDream said...

@ Perakath: Presumably anyone with dry skin. All that perspiration doesn't help with keeping your skin supple and whatever else skin is supposed to be.

mentalie said...

@perakath, so right you are. who the hell moisturizes in mumbai! that too, with anne french. and yes, of course i am secretly famous :)

@dewdropdream, *gasp* don't you know that perspiration does wonders for unclogging your pores and keeping your skin glossy?

DewdropDream said...

Really and truly?! Never worked for me while I was in Bombay!

mentalie said...

@ddd, ah well, the vagaries of nature. it's always done wonders for my acne, honest.

Anonymous said...

waxed men.


Jil Jil Ramamani said...

:O SAME STORY. SAME PLACE. Except, it was Bipasha,me,unknown male thingumajigga model and dark knuckles. :(

mentalie said...

@ki, ditto!

@jil jil...i could keep typing your name forever :D

R said...

I am waiting for the day they'll put boards on trains saying Metrosexuals.

Wait, it could just read Sissy.

eye-in-sty-in said...

the dimples would not be as good if he didnt. but seriously, he's a model, whaddya expect!

Alok said...

Dude, that was the craziest, most postmodern site I've ever visited.

Thank you for the link and the existential feelings it has brought up in my head. :D