Sunday, May 30, 2010

DO NOT tell me i have fat legs, fathead.

you have no idea how unsexy that makes you look.

and no, saying ‘baby, there’s more of you to love’ is not going to make things better.

even your mum wouldn’t consider that a compliment, peter, you ass!

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Pinku said...


am planning to take a print out of this and stick it up in various places..since I cant get myself to do anything about the fat legs, might as well ensure something is done about the fatheads


mentalie said...

hahah. good luck with the fatheads, pinku :)

Eveline said...

Back away... back sloooowly away. There be dragons. hahahaha

Anonymous said...

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Atrisa said...

Once I dressed up for a guy I fancied on Valentines Day and all he had to say was that I didn't exactly have the best legs to show off :(

He can stick it wherever he wants!

Mudra said...

Revival required.

Anonymous said...

haha I agree!

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DI said...

Oh My God I LOVE this blog. I used to read the Agent Green Glass one? But never spotted this!
Now I am spending my otherwise useless Monday afternoon going through the whole of it!
Why have you stopped though? Poor Peter must be in some serious trouble with no one to tell him what to do! :(