Friday, May 28, 2010

oooh, you are my champion!

this young peter i know has been working seriously hard at being more macho.

i’m playing sport on weekends, he informed me a few months ago.

in the dilli summer?

ha! chicks swoon when you tell them you play sport.

is that a fact?

yup. plus i’m using lotus matte effect SPF 50 sun screen. it works, see? no tan.

hmm, no oily skin either. maybe i should try it too.

yes, you should. it needs to have SPF 50, minimum.

will do, sis!

shut up. i scored two goals today, so the sunscreen doesn’t count.

awesome. who were you playing?

the boys.

your roomies?

yeah…against the local boys.

which local boys?

you know...the ones who play footer at the park.

the kendriya vidhyalaya kids???

uh...yeah...'re such a star!

ha ha, yourself. we won, i scored, and THAT’S the official story.

(peter, my sweet, the way i’m going to tell it this one’s going to get better and better :)

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