Tuesday, February 9, 2010

so sweet you are sometimes :)

after so many weeks of mentally prepping myself to hate dilli de launde, i meet you instead:

excuse me, ma’am, says the kingfisher goodtime girl, please would you mind exchanging seats with mr...?

i look up at you as you blush prettily behind the air hostess.

erm…why? i enquire, puzzled, as i watch you flush white and then start to turn hot pink. 

uh...sorry to trouble you, you manage to mumble, my uh...grandma has the seat next to you, so please will you exchange seats...?

unfortunately for you, i am completely mesmerized by the garish contrast your complexion is beginning to present next to the air hostess’ ketchup red suit. (god only knows how you do it! the only one who knows when i blush is me - all i do is turn tingly dark chocolate and no one else can ever tell the difference!)

you notice me staring and begin turning an even hotter shade of pink, by the time you find your voice again, your ears have turned purple:

um, my seat is 12 F...just two rows away...there...um, it’s also a window seat like yours...please don’t mind...um, uh, sorry...you don’t have to move if you don’t want to...oh, thank you! thank you very much!

finally, i manage to snap out of my stupor and squeeze past the air hostess. 

that's when i notice the vintage lady clutching your arm like it’s a lifetime achievement award.

no problem at all, i smile at the two of you as i go by.

she looks into your face and beams like its christmas already.

and you, you beam pinkly back at me...cute as a cupcake!


if you aren't careful, peter, i'm going to have to eat you up for dessert!

image source: www.nataliedee.com


Meghana Naidu said...



This is that said...

awwww...and awwww and awwww..love these little romances in the aircrafts..so many Peters..so little time.

Atrisa said...

Awww! Peters can be so awww. :)

Anonymous said...

LOL...Awww indeed!