Thursday, April 22, 2010

what do you mean why don’t i just go pee?

you’re so smug at the pub, peter, siphoning away the last pitcher of beer while i cross my legs and rock myself in agony. 

bravo, chugged it down, did you? my bursting bladder salutes you.

no, i don’t want to get another pitcher.

sure, i’ll tell you what i’m stressing out about. is there a loo? will it be clean? will the flush work? should i squat or crouch? will i even make it???

yes please, let’s leave already.

oh, you think it’s funny to keep me waiting while you whip behind that tree by the sidewalk?

bad move, peter. 

tonight we won’t even be shaking hands.


Kro said...

"my bursting bladder salutes you"

created a totally warped image in my head.

Aquatic Static said...

the women of this great nation applaud you for taking on a most *pressing* gender issue.
time to take our bladders into our own hands i say...

(by the way, somehow my female friends don't think twice abt. squating behind that tavera/ perching on that pot/ jumping behind that bush when the urge strikes etc.)

Atrisa said...

Haha hahaha hahahha hahaha :D Won't be shaking hands! haha hahaha haha

mentalie said...

@kro, i'll take that as a compliment.

@aquatic, i didn't think twice about peeing at the uti atm either. but the loos at a pub are a whole different issue!

@atrisa, would you????