Saturday, April 3, 2010

cougar town

last night as i entered into senseless trawling and youtube nirvana just to ease the pain of the next six (ok fine, five) days of backbreaking work, i found this gem:

yes peter, it’s alisha chinoy. the one who cried “anu malik”? good riddance it would have been too, to him and his harmonium.

but wait, we digress.

the only point to this post is to raise a toast to the original cougar.

these days, people in america insist that courtney cox of monica fame is headlining cougar town or some such, but really, we all know that she was made in india only.

much before it became classy to seduce younger men (refer demi moore), chinoy had her regulars; dino morea (now known as dinosaur morea) and milind “baba” soman. and just in case you managed to overlook the obvious, she planted herself in the middle of every video, surrounded by other nubile men and women yelling “look at me!” and let’s face it, all the toy boys did. bang in the middle of her ample cleavage in fact. (don’t believe me? ask google; it suggests “alisha chinoy hot” and really if google doesn’t know, then who does?)

so peter, just a note to say, watch out for the cougars!

note: this tip has been sent in by counselor mathangi krishnamurthy who has taken valuable time out from getting her phd to help your cause. 


smdcmc said...

sigh .. chinoy was hot , back in the day :) , though all that sight of baba's flesh was a tad unseemly ;)

Mathangi said...

smdcmc: I was quite alright with the latter ;).

mentalie said...

@smdcmc, i'm afraid we won't be seeing eye to eye on this one ;)

Perakath said...

A real cougar who likes me remains the dream.

Mathangi said...

@Perakath: In the words of Roy Orbison, "Sweet dreams baby".

Pinku said...

but does Peter want to be saved from the cougar??