Sunday, March 21, 2010

wanna jiggy jiggy with her hoo ha, baby?

there’s a girl i know who makes me feel like i’ve grown a moustache.

she wears an endless trail of floaty stuff, dangles her strappy slipper from a dainty pink toe and tosses her flouncy haircut every once in awhile so that it sways attractively around her. her sugary voice trills and tinkles with frilly conversation. occasionally, she giggles like an imp. sweeter than hello kitty she is. the kind of fluffy miss that might star in a karan johar valentine’s day movie.

it's impossible to resist the urge to touch your upper lip, just to check.

some women always have this effect. 

they walk into a room and make you feel instantly more macho.

yes, i know this seems to work out very well for you, peter.

but let me give you an inside tip, this kind of damsel never says vagina.

just think, this is what sex talk will sound like when you hoochie coochie with her and make all those poochie woochie babies.


Kro said...

Girls like that DO say vagina
except it sounds more like "hee hee heee"

Atrisa said...

Lol at the above comment!

Mentalie I love you like I love me but I want to be you.

mentalie said...

@kro, what can i say...except that you impress me with your experience ;)

@atrisa, you're making me blush dark chocolate now!

Product Junkie said...

Your fantastic!! seriously... this post cracked me up.

I totally know the kind your talking about. I call them the 'chip a nail' type. :p

Pinku said...

oh yeah we have all met this girl and you know what she gets on my nerves like very few things can...

mentalie said...

@pj, thank you...i wonder if peter shares your sentiments ;)

@pinku, i'm with you, my friend!